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July 19, 2010

Performance Engineering Lifecycle

Hi All,
Before reading this article, please have a look at Intro to Software Performance Engineering.

Just as every being has a Start and End, Performance Engineering too has a Lifecycle of it’s own. Purpose of this article is to throw some light on the various processes followed for Performance Engineering and Why they are required.

You might think that the process detailed below is very much similar to Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC-acronym 3) followed in almost all software projects. Well…It is. 🙂
However, many of these projects do not put emphasis OR totally ignore the concept of Performance Engineering while developing their software. When asked they would say “We do have Performance Testing for all our major releases”. Well, my concern is : ” Why do we still see performance issues only in production even after so much testing ? ” Many boldly comment, testing was not done properly. To all those “many”, this is my question : ” Did you consider the various Performance deciding factors in stages prior to Testing phase in the project ?

Most of the time the answer would be… Why bother! , b’cuz
1. We use the latest technology available in the market.
2. We do Performance Testing
3. Not enough time to consider it during prior stages

There’s something, we all need to clearly understand: Performance Testing is NOT same as Performance Engineering. Infact, Performance testing is a subset of the entire engineering process.

Here’s a real world example:
We all know the huge recall that happened last year for major automobile makers. It all started with a simple complain of Speed Control mechanism. After much investigation, it was realized that there was a design flaw/feature which was overlooked during the entire process of manufacturing the automobile. Since, the feature was ignored at design stage itself, it never made it to the testing phase.

The point I’m trying to make here is – We should consider all possible attributes and their deciding / affecting factors for an end product during it’s creation phase itself.

Coming back to the core of this article, have a look at following comparable illustrations:
Software Engg Vs Performance Engg Lifecycles

I hope, you now understand where PERFORMANCE fits in your respective industry processes. Now go and Implement them diligently… 🙂

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